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หัวข้อ: ม้านั่งปรับระดับ งานหรูระดับฟิตเนส IMPULSE IT7 MULTI ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH
เริ่มหัวข้อโดย: upman.com ที่ 15 เมษายน 2021

ม้านั่งปรับระดับ งานหรูระดับฟิตเนส IMPULSE IT7 MULTI ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH

Up man : The Impulse IT7 Range consists of high quality commercial products at affordable prices. The IT7 Multi - Adjustable Bench's user friendly design makes working out more effective and comfortable.

The Impulse IT7 Range of Benches and Racks is a tried and tested choice for anyone looking to equip the strength area of a gym. From storage racks for dumbbells and weight plates, to Smith machines, Olympic benches and other accessory strength pieces, the IT7 range is perfect for all types of facility.

The IT7 line is one of the core commercial Impulse Fitness ranges.
User friendly design which makes training effective and comfortable
Benches, racks and accessories have a simple, robust design which stands up to heavy use in gyms all around the world.

Additional Information
SKU   IF-IT7011
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)   IT7011
Manufacturer   Impulse Fitness
Condition   New
Dimensions   1212 x 750 x 465mm (L x W x H)
Maximum User Weight   150 kg
Weight   40 kg
Thickness   10mm

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